About Daniel Zylbersztajn

Daniel Zylbersztajn is one of a quite small number of postwar Jewish German-born journalists of the late 1960s generation in German mainstream media.

After having been London correspondent for taz since 2012, he became their Correspondent for Great Britain in September 2018


Personal Background: Daniel is the son of a Polish Jewish shoah Buchenwald work complex survivor, who lost almost all his family to the German-led genocide against the Jewish people of Europe. Daniel is also the grandson of a German Jewish refugee (to Holland) and one of the first Jewish KZ Dachau prisoners on his mother’s side.

Having grown up in Germany, The Netherlands and Israel, Daniel has been living in London without a break for nearly three decades.  His reports are often about current events in the British capital. He often centres around in-depth and critical social, cultural and economic analysis.

Professional Work: He combines the areas of humanities, science and a plethora of hands-on skills in one person and works and worked now for many years in journalism in particular for the German national daily independent broadsheet newspaper taz, die  Tageszeitung, and the German-Jewish  Jüdische Allgemeine.  He also worked for the DW (Deutsche Welle  DIE ZEIT, was the UK based coordinator for the South England edition of ADAC Reisemagazin in 2016  and radio roles for BBC Radio Four (Documentaries) and RTE Ireland, as well as appearances on RBB in Berlin and Radio Dreyeckland.

Former positions included also press officer roles, amongst others for the Palestinian – Jewish-Israeli peace village Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom, Executive Directorship of the Jewish left of centre Group Meretz UK and as an academic research assistant at Goldsmiths College Education and Sociology and also at South Bank University Education Studies.

A graduate of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)  of University of London, in Contemporary Third World History and African Politics, he also holds a Master from Goldsmiths College, (University of London) in Contemporary Urban Studies (Sociology), where he graduated on researching Black Radio Stations and Programmes in London. He worked for several years on a PhD on the justification of violence in militant movements at University of Leeds and UCL but later stopped it. For a brief period, he also studied British Law.

He has a professional side interest in sports and has been teaching professional Pilates as a side profession for many years and also holds a Masters in Sports Science / Psychology (Coaching). He is a co-founder and was first elected chair for 2016/2017 of a successful Central London user group (Coram’s Fields User Group) that keeps checks on one of Londons biggest children parks. In the past, he set up a UK-wide network of academic postgrad research students called Black Cultural Studies Group, which operated between 1999 and 2004.