About Daniel Zylbersztajn-Lewandowski

Daniel is the contractual Great Britain Correspondent of taz, die Tageszeitung, Germany. He started his engagement with taz in 2012 an has been reporting since from London and other parts of Britain without break. He already reported from London for DW-English radio as a freelancer in the early 2000s.

This site serves background and additional stories. For current articles see taz.de

More about Daniel: Having grown up in Germany, The Netherlands and Israel, Daniel has been living in London without a break for nearly three decades. He decided on a journalistic career at the age of 19 and pursued it, though it was not a straight path and he worked in other professions. His reports are often about current events throughout Great Britain. He centres around in-depth and critical social, cultural and economic analysis and sometimes on green issues, spending much time in the remoter parts of the United Kingdom, analysing, listening and writing down stories in a way that reflects a genuine interest in people, regardless of their political stances and backgrounds, and allowing local persons to shine through for the readers.

A graduate of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of University of London, in Contemporary Third World History and African Politics, he also holds a Master from Goldsmiths College (University of London) in Contemporary Urban Studies (Sociology) with a thesis on London Black radio stations and the different concepts of “Black community” over the air-waves (1997). He completed his upgrade to a PhD attempt at University of Leeds(on Black and Jewish militant movements and the concept of violence) for which he received AHRB backing but was forced to stop it due to lack of funding when he continued it alter at UCL.

Other media engagements:  He regularly writes for the Jüdische Allgemeine, DW (Radio)and the BBC (Radio 4) and was the UK based coordinator for the South England edition of ADAC Reisemagazin in 2016, RTE (Ireland), RBB (Morning News), NDR, DER (News), DW-News (TV), taz-bytes. Le Monde Diplomatique, Die Zeit (Online), Open Democracy, Ride, ADAC-Reisemagazin and others,

He he held positions as British media press liaison person for the Palestinian – Jewish-Israeli peace village Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom a brief executive directorship of the Jewish left of centre Group Meretz UK and as academic research assistant at Goldsmiths College (Education and Sociology) and also at South Bank University Education Studies.

Community: Daniel is currently trustee for diversity to a London Waldorf school, was a youth mentor, founded and chaired a still existing community group to protect one of London’s biggest children parks, and was on the board of a London Housing co-op that helped single Londoners, especially from the LGBTQ+ community. He run a nationwide Postgrad and phD support group in Black Cultural Studies during his phD years.

Daniel started his working life selling shoes in a department store, aged 16, and working in the Munich BMW-factory, before becoming an office assistant of the then leader of the Bavarian SPD and vice-president of the German Bundestag Renate Schmidt.

He is one of only few Germany-born & raised Jewish-German journalists of his generation in the German media. Both sides of his family suffered traumatic experiences during the holocaust, including his father who survived several concentration / slave-work camps. He lives in London since he left Munich in 1991 and has also been awarded British citizenship.

He is currently writing a book about belonging, exclusion and racism.