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18th. March 2008

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Event:        A Palestinian Arab and Israeli Jew who grew up together.
                   Introducing Neriya Mark and Sama Daoud, chaired by Judah Passow
Organizer: British Friends of  Neve Shalom~Wahat Al Salam (NSWAS)
Date:         Tuesday 20th of May 2008, 18.30
Location:   Bloomsbury Room, Hotel Russell Russell Square London WC1B 8BE
Contact:     020-89521717,;

Dear xxxx

 I am writing to you as we have something unique coming up.  The last weeks were once again where  Israelis and Palestinians were in the news for the politics that divide them, costing numerous human lives.  One would expect more bloody acts of revenge into this cycle of never ending violence.
If I tell you that I know of 54 families – half of them Arab Palestinian, Muslim and Christian, the other half Jewish – permanently engaged in a process of proving every doubter and pessimist wrong by living together through choice, you may think I am telling you a fairy tale about some lefty weirdos.  Yet in Wahat al Salam ~Neve Shalom, along the old neutral armistice border between Israel and Jordan (now part of Israel),  living together confidently as Jews and Arabs, side by side, this is every day reality.  And what’s more with their experience, the residents have invited people from the surrounding areas.  There are now people both from the Occupied Palestinian Territories as well as from inside Israel visiting the village nearly every day for meetings of dialogue in what the residents call the School for Peace, or children who attend the multi-faith, multi-language, multi-ethnic primary school.  Not just since a year or so.  The village has been in existence for over 30 years.

If you want to know about what the future really holds, you had better get to know Neve Shalom~Wahat al Salam.

The British Friends of Wahat al-Salam ~ Neve Shalom…(continues)