Press Release at Meretz UK Oct 2009

This press-release was first drafted by me and then issued after the input of two other members of the organisation (Meretz UK).  It was released on 17th October 2010

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Goldstone, Temple Mount, Obama, Refugees in Israel

A brief statement by Meretz UK including positional decisions from our Policy Committee October 2009

1. We recall our recent statement on the Goldstone Report even in the face of the UN Human Rights Committee.  Read Here 

2. We welcome the Nobel Peace Price for Barack Obama (Watch here).  Whilst we understand that it was based on intend and on vision, we nevertheless fully support Obama’s vision for Israel and Palestine and its immediate neighbours, as expressed in Cairo (Listen Here). Peace can not come only by Obama’s will and good intend.  We feel that it is now time for Benjamin Nethanyahu and Mahmood Abbas to cease putting obstacles in the way of peace, and that they adopt a different vision.  We hope for the later to be courageous and become recipients of a forthcoming Nobel Peace price. 

3. We are concerned about the developments in Jerusalem on the grounds of temple mount / dome of the rocks. Meretz UK believes that such tensions will not serve anyone.  We call on all concerned to be more contemplative, and put renewed efforts in inter-faith dialogue, an dialogue between Muslim Palestinians and Jews of Jerusalem. 
We further note that Meretz Israel Member of Knesset M.K. Nitzan Horowitz currently  opposes measures to deport children of refugees and economic migrants born in Israel and fully support him in his stance to enforce a humane voice on the issue of refugees in Israel.