Some thoughts on the summit to end sexual violence of women in conflict

Sex seems to become the big topic for the next decade.

In the internet networked world discussions about pornography and youth sexuality are immense. Much focuses around the misunderstandings and short falling by young people, especially young men through this open access, and the creation of false expectations and pressure on girls and boys to look and perform (and look) as in those videos. It also means that the sexual act is taken out of context and becomes the most important issue between partners, to the detriment of everything else about a relationship between two people.

Further new focuses on GBV in conflict, reforms of how sexual violence incidents are handled and recorded, mean also increased worldwide documentation and awareness of an issue that was previously either not reported at all or silenced by many.

The result will be a much needed answer to the over-sexual input of the recent decades, and a change and shift against the acceptability of sexual violence everywhere, hopefully not only by shaming the perpetrators, but through new global practices of educating men and women on sex and violence and the abuse of sex.