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I simply had not enough time to compose separate highlight pages for those years. I guess that also says something

Für 2020 und 2021 hatte ich bisher keine Zeit Highlights zu verfassen…  sagt auch was aus…

Highlights 2019


Highlights 2018 

For 2018 see taz and Jüdische Allgemeine directly

Highlights 2017

(English) https://dzx2.net/2017/12/28/daniel-zylbersztajn-2017-selektion

Highlights 2016

(German) https://dzx2.net/2016/12/27/reporting-from-london-das-jahr-2016-aus-eigener-feder/

Highlights 2015


Highlights 2014


Highlights 2013:


Highlights 2012

for 2012 nest see my  Olympic and Paralympic Reports here

(German and English) https://dzx2.net/cv/london-2012/