Brexit Berichte – Brexit Reports

Diese Woche gab es zwei Berichte von mir zum Thema.

1.) Das Brexit Lager

2.)Wirtschaftliche und Sozialwissenschaftliche Konsequenzen des #Brexit


This week I reported twice about the topic.

1.) About the Brexit Camp

2.) About the economic and socio economic consequences!

In English Please!

Mein Kommentar zu Cameron und seine Englischklassen für Musliminen in Deutsch hier in der Taz!5269263/


Full English translation of my comment on David Cameron in taz today, just in case some Brits don’t speak other languages:

David Cameron wants to invest 20 Million Pound in order so that Muslim women can learn English. Yes that is right, only women, in fact only Muslim women. And should they come through a family unification to Britain, they will have to have to take language classes within two and half years of arrival.

This is because Cameron believes that these women are not to be integrated without an ability to speak English, and this condition causes radicalisation, FGM and forced marriages.

In fact there are locations in which 20 percent of female migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh do not speak English. Womens’ organisations confirm that at times this is due to the control of their husbands. But also many non Muslim migrants may have deficits in the English language, and some even think that quite a few Brits by birthright are not in possession of good English.

So it is astonishing that out of all things the budgets of local colleges was highly cut, exactly the places where many learn English, and that since the beginning of the austerity era, 32 organisations who specialised in helping oppressed women , had to shut due to lack of funds.

In many of Cameron’s new measures one can see above all one thing: He is a true Tory, who without a coalition partner finds himself in a situation that is just as socially isolated and who acts just as ignorantly, as apparently these women.

(C )2016 All Rights Reserved with Translation Daniel Zylbersztajn


Quite the country’s Christian tradition, Dave!

When the prime minister of Great Britain states,what religion the country has, you must wonder.  We heard such definitions before from his predecessor and yet he went to a war that reaped long-lasting injustice and chaos.

When Cameron now states that Britain was Christian from the beginning, you must wonder when one starts counting ?  Celts and early Romans were certainly not Christian.

It makes one remember the intensity with which some early colonialists imagined themselves as new keepers of Jerusalem, and talking of which those who sent in part brutal knights for similar causes hundred of years earlier. Or perhaps those who called for the Jews of York to be killed? They surely were all Christian? Or the wars fought and people killed, tormented and tortured during in the struggles of which Christian faith was in deed the correct one? The king and nation serving faith or the Rome serving faith? Once they assured themselves to have the correct version they went to force it upon the parts of the world they occupied and exploited. Stealing with one arm and preaching with the other. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and the gracious King or Queen, long live he or she! Or the token Christianity that thrived on holding the poor of this country in deep misery for centuries?

Secondly him advising to talk about refugees is a bit of shoe polish on a partially rotten shoe. He is not the one who has a proud record on welcoming refugees when compared with all other European neighbouring countries, and then there is his governments appalling record on Calais, his inability and unwillingness to trash the right wing press and parties into the bin of bigots.

In deed, if this was a Christian country, what would Jesus do? And then there is his record on how he treats the poor and sick, his lack of sufficient policy to guard the environment and his selectivity into which causes he steers his lot to save. One wished Britain was a Christian country actually, the kind of deep philosophical, humble way of submitting oneself to do only good, help the poor, sick and needy and share the riches of society for the betterment of all. Token Christianity for the sake of cheap nation building is the tool of politicians who use religion to better their own ends. It has been abused to justify anything from slavery to war to hang people at the gallows of Tyburn and elsewhere. I don’t think the current prime minister fails that tradition.

Perhaps Mr Cameron would care to invite some Syrian refugees, some disabled and poor, some London homeless and impoverished students to his table this Christmas, and perhaps he could make permanent assurances to them and take the lead on what being Christian ought to mean?

Because of Paris? | “Von wegen Paris”

Mein Kommentar in der taz bezüglich neuer Sicherheitskräfte und Gelder für die britischen Nachrichtendienste, während im gleichen Zug bei der Polizei stark eingespart wird.


My comment in the German taz regarding the announced boosting of UK’s security services by the British government in the light of severe austerity cuts to the British police.