Taz: Klingende Sterne – Camden Musical Walk – Musikalischer Starwalk in Camden, London

Deutsch:  Camden schafft einen Hollywood Walk für Musikstars.   Ist das gerechtfertigt?  Ich höre mir den Plan an und befrage Leute aus dem Musikgeschäft dazu.

Link: www.taz.de/Londoner-Bezirk-Camden/!121308/

English:  Camden in London will create a musical walk of fame.  I went to investigate Camden’s musical legacy and learned about the plans and what people make of it.  Type below link into googletranslate or any similar program to get a reasonable translation

Link: www.taz.de/Londoner-Bezirk-Camden/!121308/

Emphohlen im Kulturamagazin Perlentaucher – Recommendd in the German Online Culture Magazine Perlenentaucher



Smicha und Zwirn | Smiha and Thread: Two remarkable men in Savile Row

German:  Die Geschichte zweier außergewöhnlicher Männer, ein Rabbiner aus London und ein Trinidadischer Schneider, die sich entgegen konventioneller Normen durchsetzten.  Mehr im Bericht in der Jüdischen Allgemeinen

Link: http://www.juedische-allgemeine.de/article/view/id/16447


When I was asked by the Jüdische Allgemeine, the main German Jewish Weekly, to check on Yosl Tiefenbrunn, who is taking an apprentice at Maurice Sedwell‘s in Savile Row it was clear to me from the outset that his was not the only story.  That Prof. Andrew Ramroop, O.B.E.,  came with two suits from Trinidad, with his mind strongly set to become a Savile Row tailor and achieving this against racist prejudice, is a remarkable tale of human endurance, ambition and effort.  Ramroop follows a remarkable line of Trinidadians – but a relatively small island in the Caribbean – in relation to the UK, be it Claudia Jones, Eric Williams, or Lord Learie Constantine, and their own respective achievements.

That now he should have an apprentice who is an orthodox Chabad rabbi is certainly no mistake.  In fact, Andrew Ramroop told me he recognised that Tiefenbrunn may have difficulties convincing some to take him on, with his beard and special religious needs.  Tiefenbrunn’s interest and dedication to be a world-class tailor and introduce some nuances of individuality in Haredi fashion is unusual and astonishing at the same time.  But Tiefenbrunn notes that he is not the first Jewish tailor nor that the Orthodox Jewish world lacks tailoring today.

When you hear that Ramroop serves clients like Samuel L Jackson, and once designed for the late Lady Diana, against initial adversity, one wonders to what lengths the Rabbi with the needle will bring it.

The article can be read in German here:  http://www.juedische-allgemeine.de/article/view/id/16447

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