Tageszeitung (TAZ): Kapuzen unter Generalverdacht (Hoodies as general suspects)

Einige junge Menschen in London werden seit Olympia laut ihren eigenen Angaben bis zu viermal pro Tag von der Polizei durchsucht   Sie haben alle das gleiche Profil, dunkle Hautfarbe, und familiäre Migrationshintergründe.

Some young people, those of minority backgrounds and darker skin complexions, say they have been stopped and searched up to four times a day by Metropolitan Police Officers since the Olympic Games began.


The Possibilities and Impossibilities of Being A Neighbour

Article on thinking about Jewish-Polish, Jewish-German relations and simply on the issue of being a neighbour, or not!  Leading Feature Open Democracy 4/11/2011

Special thanks to the editors of Open Democracy, above all R.B., and front page ed., for your interest as well as choosing this as your leading weekend feature-story.  Thanks also to Ben Gidley, James Renton and Agnieszka Piśkiewicz for their respective input and Kei Kulp for one of the pictures.