Taz am Wochenende: London statt Nordirland; G-8 Protestler unter sich | London instead of Northern Ireland: Anti-G8 Protesters amongst themselves.

Protest anti-G8. Heiligendamm, Germany 08 June...
Protest anti-G8. Heiligendamm, Germany 08 June 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dieser Bericht wurde leider nur in der Druckausgabe der Taz am Wochenende  aufgeführt.  Ich sprach mit anti G-8 Protestlern in London.

ENGLISH: This article only appeared in the print edition of the Taz Weekend Edition.  It gives testimony to direct talks I had with anti-G8 protesters in London.

LINK: http://ticker.taz.de/pa/2013/06/15/a0166.archiv/textdruck

Non-German readers:  Paste the link into googletranslate to get a translation.

Nappy-Change. The challenge of modern fatherhood.

English: Father with baby in the shower.
English: Father with baby in the shower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
on London Resonance 104.4 FM
Monday February 27th. 2012 at 4:30pm and 
Wednesday  February 29th. 2012 at 7:30pm (repeat)
25 minutes feature,including translations
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Having been a full time father himself for two years, Daniel Zylbersztajn asks what the challenges of more involved fatherhood are today and discovers both progress in gender equality as well as a surprising amount of prejudice about fathers.  The feature covers paternity issues both in England and in Germany.Period of recordings:April – November 2011
Date of production Dec2011