Tageszeitung (Taz): „Genetischer Reduktionismus ist falsch“ (genetic reductionism is false) (interview)

Usain Bolt after his victory and world record ...

Heute,  Interview mit US Forscher bezuegl. Rassismus, genetischen Reduktionismus und Sport.  Warum sind Jamaikaner wie Usain Bolt und Yohan Blake so gut im Sport?


Today interview with John Hoberman about genetic determinism, sport, black athletes and Barack Obama (German)

Rastafarianism as Political Youth Culture in Freetown, Sierra Leone

An archive find.  This was my 1995 BA Dissertation from SOAS, University of London, which included field research in Freetown, Sierra Leone.. I finally managed to upload it. The dissertation documents a real phenomenon in Freetown when Sierra Leone was under NRPC rule at the very beginnings of the unrests with the RUF that would later cause the bloody civil war. Some of the interviewed and some of those on the pictures are now dead.  The professors at SOAS were in two minds on this. Prof. Cruise O’Brian an old school expert on Politics in Africa dismissed it, because he said I had not proved that Rastafarianism was in deed a real force amongst all in Sierra Leone, whilst a younger professor, who took on supervision thereafter, Dr. Richard Jeffries, an expert on Ghanaian politics, felt it to be important. It is important to note that this work predates the internet revolution. Whilst we had internet in those days,  it mainly was useful to share information with other scholars. However resources on Sierra Leone were otherwise limited. I have brought out this work from the attic, which explains its poor colour on the text and also I could no longer trace the bibliography. However the pictures are sill stunning!   I have not included transcripts, which I do still have.

Read / Download Rastafarianism as Political Youth Culture in Freetown Sierra Leone (1995).