Jewish “Mass-Learning”, Lernen in Massen (Jued. Allgemeine): Behind the scenes of planning UK Limmud

Limmud last planning conference (c) Daniel Zylbersztajn
Limmud UK,  last planning conference 2013 (c) Daniel Zylbersztajn


In diesem Bericht sehe ich hinter die Kulisse des Limmud Events in Großbritannien, einen jüdischen Großseminar für über 2500 Menschen während der Weihnachtszeit.  Wer steckt hinter der Organisation des diesjährigen Limmuds.


A look behind the organisation of the forthcoming biggest Jewish learning event in the world.

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Juedische Allgemeine: Amy Winehouse: Don’t clip my wings”

German:  In diesen Artikel zeige ich wie sich London an Amy Winehouse erinnern will.English:  In this report I explain about numerous initiatives and places that are to remind London of the late Amy Winehouse.

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Jüdische Allgemeine: Bonjour London! (Französische Juden in London) | French Jews in London

Bericht in Deutsch


English notes:

When a Haaretz headline claimed that Jewish people from France leave their country for London and New York, due to anti-Semitism, I was asked by the JüdischeAllgemeine, given that I work in London, to have a closer look.  I learned that few journalists had actually been to the place, where French Jewish Orthodox people congregated to speak with people on the ground.  My report reveals that there was more to the story in the synagogue in St. John’s Wood than the panic headlines revealed.  Not only was anti-Semitism fuelling the French exodus, but also employment opportunities in the London City and the tax laws of Hollandes.  The link to the article is on the top.  Please get help from googletranslate if you can’t read German to get the entire article translated in one go into English.


Hanukkah article for school

I have decided to use my writing skills to compose an article to challenge the very Christian ethos of my daughter’s school as a way of softly and positively alerting them of the existence of others.  It appeared in the schools newsletter yesterday.   My theme was on the inter-connectedness of the evolution of the festival of Christmas and Hanukkah with examples and a conclusion that suggested that the aims in the end are very similar even if not original to either.  Togetherness, lightening up the dark, hope, family!  The article was very well received and was even accompanied by another article on a visit to a Hindu shrine.  I found the book Weihnukkahby the Jewish Museum of Berlin most useful in my research.

Black and Jewish violence justifying militants (2001)

This is the conclusion of  my upgrade paper of my PhD attempt (2001) on the justification of violence as a means of action amongst Jewish and Black militants.  This talk was held at Univ. of Leeds and later at SOAS.  I worked on this phD both at U. of Leeds and later at UCL London.

Conclusions:  Hearing Aids ( Justification of violence as a means of action amongst Blacks and Jews)

The main reason why I discontinued the project was due to the need to work to earn a living and my inability to secure a full bursary, although I did win a British Academy  AHRB university fee covering award. I am not excluding the possibility to return to this one day given the right circumstances.

Considerations on Participation of Jewish Orthodox People in Sports (2001)

All Rights Reserved 2001/2010

Years after writing and researching this it appears to me that it is OK to reveal some of my academic works, to share knowledge and show my interests.

This paper discusses Orthodox Jewish sport in a general and in a local context.

Considerations on Participation of Jewish Orthodox People in Sport (M.Sc. Sport Coaching Paper 2001)