Radwege in London: Radfahren und überleben | Cycle paths in London: Cycling and surviving. (taz)

Bicycle area at road junction in London
Bicycle area at road junction in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Die deutsche Version erklärt sich von selber,  interessant war bei den Recherchen des Berichts die Unfähigkeit (gewollt oder ungewollt) der Pressesprecher für Verkehrswesen des Bürgermeisters meine Fragen trotz deren Versprechen zu beantworten.

Zum vollen Bericht:  www.taz.de/Radwege-in-London/!114047/


This article explains the recent announcement on changes on cycling in London after the release of the mayor Boris Johnson’s  policy statement of intend entitled ‘A cycling vision for London.’   The article explains the importance of the local lobby group London Cycling Campaign (LCC) and the transport committee of the Greater London Assembly.  Their chair Caroline Pidgeon said amongst others (this is not in the article) that their own consultations, which included expert witnesses from Holland and Denmark alongside discussions on twitter had helped and kept the pressure on.

LCC added that the talks this time involved all stakeholders, because all had an interest in higher safety.  Pidgeon stated that the money set aside by the mayor represented no real term increase.

Curious in the making of the article was the mayoral press office failure to answer my questions (even though I had extended their deadline three times by a several days up to over a week), and in spite of promises and reminders.  Officially I was told they were too busy and that I had asked quite a few in depth questions.

Full report (use google translate if you do not read German) :  www.taz.de/Radwege-in-London/!114047/


Kolumne London Eye Tageszeitung (Taz): London Eye: Hofnarr wird gewarnt – No More Jokes! Column / Commentary: Court’s Joker warned – No more jokes!

English: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson poses ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Diese Kolumne meiner Serie London Eye bezog sich auf Bürgermeister Boris Johnson, und erneuten Gerüchten, während der Olympiade,  daß er Konkurrenz für David Cameron sei.


Vor genau vor 50 Jahren am 13 August 1964 hängte man den letzten Menschen in England auf. Aber im August 2012 hing in London kein Verurteilter, und gestorben ist der Hangende auch nicht. Seitdem er fünf Minuten bei einem Seilbahnmanöver stecken blieb, und verzweifelt mit den kleinen Union Jack Fähnchen wedelte, verschärften sich mal wieder die Gerüchte…”

This commentary of the London Eye Series regarded London Mayor Boris Johnson who was temporarily the talk of town during the Olympics, due to temporarily renewed rumours about him representing a challenge to David Cameron.


Kolumne: Die Tageszeitung (TAZ): Tod vor dem Olympiagelaende (Death in front of the Olympic Park)

Mein Kommentar heute geht ueber die Gefahren und Politik des Radfahrens in London.

(Today I wrote about the cyclist who dies in frot of the Olympic Park and Londoners commenting on this and cycling in London in general (German))