Orden für den Rabbi | Rabbi gets honours for Islamic-Jewish Pioneer Work


Mein Bericht über Rabbi Herschel Gluck in der Jüdischen Allgemeine.  Rabbi Gluck bekam die ‘Order of the Empire’ Auszeichnung von Königin Elisabeth II, als Anerkennung seiner Arbeit in muslimisch-jüdischen und jüdisch-arabischen Beziehungen und Austausch.

Mehr im Bericht: www.juedische-allgemeine.de/article/view/id/15605


My feature today in the Jüdische Allgemeine.  Rabbi Gluck has worked tirelessly to overcome the divide between Muslims and Jews and Aras and Jews,  and it is because of this that he was awarded with British honours this year.  Furthermore Gluck, and moreso his father,  took the courageous decision to aid German Jewish communities, disintegrated and lost in faith and direction, after the shoa.   Gluck says that the keys to his philosophies of encountering the other are the Noahide Laws.  Further he says:  “Naturally the basis for my life and work is G-d’s Torah,which was give to us by Moshe Rabeinu(Our teacher Moses) in Sinai. ”

Read more here:  www.juedische-allgemeine.de/article/view/id/15605

(Use Google translate to read the article translated if you do not speak German.)

Considerations on Participation of Jewish Orthodox People in Sports (2001)

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Years after writing and researching this it appears to me that it is OK to reveal some of my academic works, to share knowledge and show my interests.

This paper discusses Orthodox Jewish sport in a general and in a local context.

Considerations on Participation of Jewish Orthodox People in Sport (M.Sc. Sport Coaching Paper 2001)