Photos from Monday’s protests in London #1daywithoutus #stoptrump

These photos compliment my article in taz of Wedesday 22-02-2017 Diese Fotos untermalen meinen Bericht in der taz vom 22 Feb  -2017 Link to full report (German)  / Link zum Bericht!5382662/ … Continue reading Photos from Monday’s protests in London #1daywithoutus #stoptrump

London Underground / Brexit Dover

In the last few weeks I was busy researching  for German a magazine that comes out in August. But I also had two texts published in taz, which were however … Continue reading London Underground / Brexit Dover

Vom Dschungel ins “Gelobte Land – From the Jungle into the “Promised Land”

Report about four Syrian refugees from Calais who who were ordered  by the British asylum and immigration to be allowed entry into Britain   Bericht über vier Migranten aus Calais, … Continue reading Vom Dschungel ins “Gelobte Land – From the Jungle into the “Promised Land”

Daniel Zylbersztajn – 2015 Selektion

Some of my 2015 Photographs Text Selection 2015 Radio Feature DW Jewish Child Refugee   Reichskristallnacht und das Volk. (English Comment) Interview: Die Überlebende: Marina Litvinenko, the … Continue reading Daniel Zylbersztajn – 2015 Selektion

Quite the country’s Christian tradition, Dave!

Token Christianity for the sake of cheap nation building is the tool of politicians who use religion to better their own ends. It has been abused to justify anything from slavery to war to hang people at the gallows of Tyburn and elsewhere. I don’t think the current British prime minister fails that tradition.

Reichskristallnacht und das Volk

Germany became divided and occupied because of its self-boosting racially defined nationalist enthusiasm that wanted to rule over all others. Sadly it did not loose the war because of its … Continue reading Reichskristallnacht und das Volk

Taz: London Islamisches Zentrum abgebrannt!!117599/ Dem deutschen Bericht ist bis auf weitere Fotos nichts beizufügen.   Er wurde inhaltlich fast unverändert übernommen   English: My visit to the burnt out Barvanese Islamic Centre that … Continue reading Taz: London Islamisches Zentrum abgebrannt!

Refugee Athletes and Sports-people to Great Britain

(feature originally aired in 1998 on Cool, Deutsche Welle) Produced, presented and recorded by Daniel Zylbersztajn Listen Here In this feature I take a look at people who are refugees … Continue reading Refugee Athletes and Sports-people to Great Britain