Taz: Homophobie: Er lebt in mir. Amal Fashanu über ihren Onkel. Homophobia: He lives inside me! Amal Fashanu about her uncle.

uprightIn diesem Interview, dass ich mit Amal Fashanu in London führte , redet die Nichte des Fußballers Justin Fashanu, über ihre Erinnerungen an ihren Onkel, der einzige Profifußballer bisher der sich je outete, und über Rassismus und Homophobie im professionellen Kickersport.  Das Interview wurde fasst ganz abgedruckt.  Ihm galt eine ganze Seite in der Taz.

Link: www.taz.de/Schwuler-Fussballer-Justin-Fashanu/!105838/

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In this exclusive interview that I made with Amal Fashanu the niece of the late Justin Fashanu, she talks about her personal memories of her uncle, his death, homophobia and racism in professional league football.  The interview appears almost in its complete length.  Taz dedicated a whole page to it with a rare  picture of Amal Fashanu together with her uncle.

Link: www.taz.de/Schwuler-Fussballer-Justin-Fashanu/!105838/


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Refugee Athletes and Sports-people to Great Britain

(feature originally aired in 1998 on Cool, Deutsche Welle)

Produced, presented and recorded by Daniel Zylbersztajn
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In this feature I take a look at people who are refugees in Great Britain and who continue their sports career here.