Tageszeitung (Taz): „Genetischer Reduktionismus ist falsch“ (genetic reductionism is false) (interview)

Usain Bolt after his victory and world record ...

Heute,  Interview mit US Forscher bezuegl. Rassismus, genetischen Reduktionismus und Sport.  Warum sind Jamaikaner wie Usain Bolt und Yohan Blake so gut im Sport?


Today interview with John Hoberman about genetic determinism, sport, black athletes and Barack Obama (German)

Black and Jewish violence justifying militants (2001)

This is the conclusion of  my upgrade paper of my PhD attempt (2001) on the justification of violence as a means of action amongst Jewish and Black militants.  This talk was held at Univ. of Leeds and later at SOAS.  I worked on this phD both at U. of Leeds and later at UCL London.

Conclusions:  Hearing Aids ( Justification of violence as a means of action amongst Blacks and Jews)

The main reason why I discontinued the project was due to the need to work to earn a living and my inability to secure a full bursary, although I did win a British Academy  AHRB university fee covering award. I am not excluding the possibility to return to this one day given the right circumstances.