No Justice for Black People with the Met say protesters. –

DSC01517 Mark Duggan case about wider issues concerning the Met experience of black people in London!


I am back from Tottenham, where I observed today the vigil for Mark Duggan in front of the local police station.  There were several 100s of peaceful but angry demonstrators.   I was correct in my report in the German Newspaper Taz, Die Tageszeitung, on Friday, for which I gathered information straight from the area in which the Duggans live,  how much the case is still upsetting many people in Tottenham and beyond, many of whom never new Duggan.

There were many boards show-casting the names of other victims of death in the hands of the police.

In spite of the McPherson Report in 1998 after which the Metropolitan Police promised to improve its act, there seem to be still many sores about the Met,  which relate to contact with Police many black people had not only before but also after 1998.  Stop and Search Practices are repeatedly mentioned.

Hence the Mark Duggan case appears to symbolise more than just the case itself, but part of the experience of many black residents of London.  The aunt of Mark Duggan also accused the media to have repeatedly described the family as a “gangster-family”, which she argued was not true.

What did the Metropolitan Police say?

Read a response by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe issued two days earlier on the 9th of January 2014, after he met with elected and other community leaders from Tottenham:


Keine Gerechtigkeit für Schwarze in Bezug auf die Londoner Polizei sagen Demonstranten

Ich bin gerade zurück aus Tottenham, wo ich eine friedliche Protestkundgebung zum Fall Mark Duggan beobachtete. Der Fall scheint viele Menschen in Tottenham und über die Grenzen Tottenhams hinaus anzusprechen. Es mag wohl sein, dass dies auf eigene Erfahrungen vieler schwarzer Menschen mit dem Benehmen der Metropolitan Police, der Londoner Polizei, zurückzuführen ist. All das trotz des McPherson Berichts im Jahre 1998, nach dem alles besser werden sollte. Auch die Medien wurden unter anderem von der Tante Duggans angeklagt. Sie hätten immer wieder die Familie als Gangsterfamile hingestellt, was aber nicht der Realität entspreche.