10 Jahre nach 7/7 – Ten years after 7/7 (taz, die Tageszeitung)

Mein Bericht zu London 7/7 in der Taz.

My report about London 7/7 in the German taz

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Ich habe über mehrere Jahre die Belegschaft der Co-op Bank in Angel gefragt warum es kein Anzeichen, auf meine die 7/7 verstorbene Bankangestellte Shahara Islam gibt, die auch mich bediente. Im Februar bat mich eine Managerin dies in eine E-Mail zu setzten, da auch die Belegschaft so denke, und es ihr Argument stärken würde, in den höheren Etagen der Bankverwaltung Wohlwollen dafür zu erhalten.  Mein Schreiben ist unten zitiert. Am 7.7.2015 kam es schließlich zum 10. Jahrestag zu einer Andenktafel. Ic

h war dabei als Angestellte und ein paar Kunden sie öffentlich enthüllten und stand mit ihnen einige Minuten schweigend vor der Bank zum Andenken.


Add on:

Today I stood with staff at a small remembrance in the Angel Branch. There was also a journalist from the local paper there (a local Islington Newspaper) taking pictures. Many of the staff did not know Ms. Islam, who died when a suicide bomber blew up the bus in which she was, but some did.

I think somewhere all understood she was one of them. There were photos of her in her co-op bank uniform. I also heard for the first time that a co-op bank colleague was with her on the bus and survived and has recently given birth to a child.

After putting flowers on the desk, promoted by the over eager local journalist, who almost became the ceremonial master, we all walked outside and stood maybe three minutes still in front of the branch. Before I left, I said to staff, now you know that if one of you dies in such tragic

circumstances, customers will remember you! One staff member thought that it is possible that Ms. Islam’s family is currently for Hajj in Saudi Arabia. I thought it would be a good place to be in such a heavy week.

Below is my (slightly modified) e-mail that I posted to the manageress in February, after they asked me to write in, to strengthen their case. Prior to this I had on various occasions prompted the bank, why there wasn’t a plaque or something to remember her.

From: Daniel Zylbersztajn <daniel@xxxxxxxx>
Date: 17 February 2015

at 21:04
Subject: Where is the memorial Plaque for Shahara Islam at Angel Branch?
To: xxxxx@xxxxx

Manageress of the Angel

Branch of the Co-operative Bank
1 Islington High Street
London N1 9TR

I always wondered why Co-op Bank Angel Branch can not have a memorial plaque somewhere in the bank to the respectful remembrance of the former staff Shahara Islam.

I think it is appalling for n

othing to be inside the branch to remember her, nearly ten years after the terrible events that took part in London, inside the Angel branch, where she once worked. A plaque is not very expensive. Nobody so young and so extraordinarily violently taken from amongst us should be forgotten.

I work as a journalist a lot on remembrance and

have written on remembrance of the shoa / holocaust and the victims of terrorism in Munich 1972, an issue I also was invited to lecture at Edge Hill University in Liverpool.

I believe on a personal level that because I knew Shahara, as somebody who served me, even though I never expected the significance of her serving me, I should extend my interest in to the remembrance of Shahara in the local branch she once worked in. I am aware there are memorials for all the victims at various sites, but remembrance must include little signifiers at places a person is remembered to have lived or worked, that counts for staff as much as for customers in this case.

It can not be that Angel branch has a p

laque to signify the location for the Monopoly game, but nothing to remind us of the terrorism loss this place suffered.
Thank you

Daniel Zylbersztajn
Co-op Bank customer since the early 90s who uses the Angel, London branch as my regular branch.
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