Amy Film: mitreißend! Pulling you along without happy end!

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Camden Square Amy Winehouse as Angel (c) Daniel Zylbersztajn

Meine Review des Amy WInehouse Films von Asif Kapadia wurde heute in der Jüdischen Allgemeinen veröffentlicht.

Siehe auch mein vorheriger Bericht zu Amy Winehouse Don’t Clip my Wings


My Review of the Amy Film about Amy Winehouse was published today in the German Jewish newspaper Juedische Allgemeine.  In it I write it pulls you along, even if you did not know her that much, like on a helter skelter without happy end.  In my opinion a must see, because of the fact that she was in ramp light of and the laughing stock of the world.  The movie reveals hard and challenging details, including about the way we consume media.

Contrary to other reports, I feel that her parents were quite ordinary people, evidently at times helpless and clumsy with both Amy Winehouse personal problems, as well as the later intensity of her stardom.

The film suggests rather thaat those who tried to make the most of her career financially, most of all her second manager Raye Cosbert operated potentially reckless with regard to her integrity and well being.

See also my report about Amy: Don’t Clip my Wings

Daniel Zylbersztajn’s 2013

2013 through the selection of some of my articles:

This year I typed over 40 mostly on the ground researched pieces.  Many were transforming and unique written for four media outlets, Taz, Jüdische Allgemeine, Open Democracy and Die Zeit.  On three occasions I published only on my blog.

I hope I continue to write challenging and original pieces in the next year.  I have some already forthcoming to do with urban culture, domestic violence, sustainability and on Jewish issues.  Perhaps I will also write again more in English, as I have done in the past.

To my all my readers, but especially my loyal ones and interviewees, a great thank you.  I could not do without you!  Special thanks to all the newspapers and editors, you know who are!

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Taz: Klingende Sterne – Camden Musical Walk – Musikalischer Starwalk in Camden, London

Deutsch:  Camden schafft einen Hollywood Walk für Musikstars.   Ist das gerechtfertigt?  Ich höre mir den Plan an und befrage Leute aus dem Musikgeschäft dazu.


English:  Camden in London will create a musical walk of fame.  I went to investigate Camden’s musical legacy and learned about the plans and what people make of it.  Type below link into googletranslate or any similar program to get a reasonable translation


Emphohlen im Kulturamagazin Perlentaucher – Recommendd in the German Online Culture Magazine Perlenentaucher


Juedische Allgemeine: Amy Winehouse: Don’t clip my wings”

German:  In diesen Artikel zeige ich wie sich London an Amy Winehouse erinnern will.English:  In this report I explain about numerous initiatives and places that are to remind London of the late Amy Winehouse.

Please use googletranslate if you do not speak German.  Simply insert the above link into google translate to get a reasonable translation in your own language.

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