Unite Europe Demo 25th March 2017

Unite Europe Demo  25th March 2017

Mein Bericht ist hier in der taz.  My report is here in the German taz



Brexit Comment: The people on Tyburn

The English translation of my Brexit comment

I am personally quite depressed about the results of the referendum.


It were not the positive reasons against an EU with “business as usual,” perhaps with an eye to the way the EU handled Greece or how they reacted to the crisis in Ukraine, nor – more importantly – how they managed the refugee issue, or their largely held assumption as Christian and the source of all civilisation, nor the agricultural regulations ( I am old enough to remember the mountain of butter wasted in the 1980s).   I don’t throw any of these arguments out, they are mostly valid.  Now that Britain is on its own however, it can negotiate its own TTIP agreement, but rather than with a critical and careful evaluation as is the case in the EU, given all the protests, with the renewed neo-liberal elan and anglo-centric power of the Tory Party.


For over three months I was on the roads of England and Wales, precisely those areas that voted largely against the EU for the German independent left of center newspaper taz, die Tageszeitung (see here). What depresses me actually is that the arguments of many who voted for Brexit had actually little in common with all of the above, but much more with the frequently argument put forward to me of  “too many immigrants” and “we need our country back!.”

Oftentimes a mixture of sentimental versions of a long gone imperial Great Britain and an undercurrent of nationalism, that frequently contained a dose of unashamed racism was presented to me..

Yes UKIP supporters argued in deed they desired to internationalise immigration. But when darker pigmented people had arrived in Britain in the 1950s, 60s and 70s from India, Pakistan, West and East Africa and the Caribbean many Brits complained ferociously. They welcomed Europeans gladly, “as people who are more like us”. But when they came they hurried to deny them their humanity likewise.


Many of the younger Brits voted for Remain. Hence it were especially the older ones fed and loaded with emotional, nationalist and populist propaganda from yesteryear, often against any real logic, such as in Wales, an impoverished region, that has been one of the largest beneficiaries of EU funding, who carry the responsibility of Brexit. Simple solutions for complex issues.


If you believe that this was a victory for left and justified critique of the EU, you are well advised to be more careful before you pass judgement. This was the glorious victory run of a raw, never critically examined, and once again forthcoming nationalism, which explicitly understands John Bull and Britannia to be atop the rest of the world.


Here in Great Britain, one looks rarely critically into ones own past. They celebrate the end of slavery, but refuse to take responsibility for the hundreds of years the practice went on to enrich the nation, and they likewise deny the truth, that it were slaves themselves who sabotaged the institution of slavery, before parliament abolished it, as the losses became too costly.  So now a sovereign Great Britain, can once again engage in pretentious and loud politics, but just like English football hooligans in France, it is more noise than content. The up until this day largely spread feudal estate owners, the monarchy are all in a better place once again. And cheap items produced with no or little labour rights can once again flood the market. Maybe there will soon be even a labour factory  under the personal supervision of the crown producing cheap royal souvenirs somewhere in Bangladesh.


Everything is like before the end of the colonial era. The servants of this vision are, as was the case historically, the ordinary people, who allow themselves to be exploited, the descendants pf those who in large numbers were sent into often senseless battles under the banner of manipulated patriotism, and the descendants of those workers slaving themselves  in industrial scale mills in the Manchester region, or in coal mines,  about whom Marx  once so eloquently wrote, or of those who being hungry and poor, were sent to Australia, after stealing a loaf of bread, or worse were hung on Tyburn. It’s all for the Queen and her country. And the country made a public spectacle of it, with alcohol and laughter and made sure the poor individuals, not the ruling elite and the inequality of the country  were to blame. Now it is the EU and its European immigrants!

London Underground / Brexit Dover

Dover Westhafen mit Sicht auf weisse Klippen, Rennovierung gesponsert mit Europahilfe
Revival of Dover Port with EU Money Photo: (c) Daniel Zylbersztajn (2016)

In the last few weeks I was busy researching  for German a magazine that comes out in August. But I also had two texts published in taz, which were however not put online.

  1. On the vulnerability of the London Underground to terror (contribution in a text of many authors) Read here in German
  2. On Europe, and Immigration fear in Dover (original report)  Read here in German Dover1



In den letzten Wochen arbeitete ich vor allen an Beiträgen für die Sommer Ausgabe eines deutschen Magazin. Zwei Texte kamen aber auch in der taz heraus. Sie wurden jedoch nicht online veröffentlicht.

  1. Über die Terrorgefahr in der Londoner U-Bahn (Hier Lesen)
  2. Über Europa, Immigranten und die Stadt Dover (Hier lesen Dover1)



Antisemitism, Ritual Slaughter: 3 articles | Antisemitismus und rituelles Schlachten: drei Berichte.

(c) Daniel Zylbersztajn

In the last two weeks I published three reports on Jewish Affairs.

1.) The matter of ritual slaughter was dealt with in this article

It discusses points raised by the British Veterinary Association, and how the Muslim Council of Britain thinks the BVA has misunderstood something important. Meanwhile it decided to follow the Jewish example of setting up a national regulatory body for animal slaughter.


(use google translate to get a translation of this article in a different language)

2.) A report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights on Anti-Semitism was discussed in the British House of Commons and went beyond that to discuss hate crime in the EU in general.  I have written separately on this in German and English.






In den letzten zwei Wochen habe ich drei Berichte zu jüdischen Themen herausgebracht:

1.) Zum Thema des Antisemitismus in der E.U. bei einem Symposium in London


(c) Daniel Zylbersztajn
(c) Daniel Zylbersztajn


Englische Bearbeitung




2.) Zum Theme der rituellen Schlachtens unter Juden und Muslimen und einem Versuch in Großbritannien dies abzuschaffen.