Antisemitism, Ritual Slaughter: 3 articles | Antisemitismus und rituelles Schlachten: drei Berichte.

(c) Daniel Zylbersztajn

In the last two weeks I published three reports on Jewish Affairs.

1.) The matter of ritual slaughter was dealt with in this article

It discusses points raised by the British Veterinary Association, and how the Muslim Council of Britain thinks the BVA has misunderstood something important. Meanwhile it decided to follow the Jewish example of setting up a national regulatory body for animal slaughter.

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2.) A report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights on Anti-Semitism was discussed in the British House of Commons and went beyond that to discuss hate crime in the EU in general.  I have written separately on this in German and English.




In den letzten zwei Wochen habe ich drei Berichte zu jüdischen Themen herausgebracht:

1.) Zum Thema des Antisemitismus in der E.U. bei einem Symposium in London

(c) Daniel Zylbersztajn
(c) Daniel Zylbersztajn


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2.) Zum Theme der rituellen Schlachtens unter Juden und Muslimen und einem Versuch in Großbritannien dies abzuschaffen.