Trident approving Great Britain, the soft North-Korea

The missiles this sub carries are an environmental hazard to biodiversity and life on earth, never mind humans, and they do not solve conflicts. Train 100.000 conflict and peace workers, peace negotiators, set up conflict management as a core subject in every school from primary school age, and a development fund that teaches conflict management on large scales in all regions of the earth and you still have not spent £32 bn, employ lots of people at home, and you do more to help conflict and war in the world than a few sub marines.

But such peace and conflict workers have one problem of course, they do not shine like the black steel of a submarine in the sun with a union jack over it, and they can’t kill millions or create wastelands in huge parts of the planet. Wastelands that are created, when they decide to shoot the submarines’ missiles, but also simply by the process of building them and withholding the funds from the existing waste lands of social deprivation in Britain.

Bombing Syria? The expression of the desire for a quick fix.

In Britain the question is currently waged before parliament if the country should support air strikes against Syria. The question of bombing Syria or not is an interesting one. First … Continue reading Bombing Syria? The expression of the desire for a quick fix.

Imperialism, Race and Resistance: Africa & Britain – Book Review 2001

A book review from 2001, for purposes of scope of interest. This review appeared in the BASA (Black and Asian Studies Association) Newsletter 29, January 2001 Race and Resistance (2001)