Trident approving Great Britain, the soft North-Korea

The nuclear war head submarines that are  being built in Great Britain stand for empty waste-lands without hope or vision.
The approval of the Trident project,  is all but a vote for the nuclear armed submarine Trident. Members of one  political party casted their votes partially in this way , because they are in a messy conflict with its leader, who happens to oppose Trident, the other party voted  for Trident on the grounds of some sort of insane attempt to restore their British sense of self-importance. Once their ancestors subjugated half of the world under the force of the gun, dividing  up regions  with borders that still cause conflict and wars today.
Occurring just after the EU referendum results, the approval of Trident fits the nationalist lunacy that seems to be the Zeitgeist of the majority on this island. It represents the total capitulation to the mad blown-up but morally empty grandeur of Great Britain in the Brexit era. It is paid for by the  policy of continuation of up-keeping the social divide and inequality in the country.  Like in all times, Britain prefers to invests in its arsenal, rather than its people.
How can mass killings ever be justified for what any government does?  It is like threatening to bomb the bank in which bank robbers have taken hostages, it kills the perpetrators with their hostages. Take Syria and Iraq under Daesh. One could nuclear bomb the region tomorrow. The ideology, injustice and killings that go on there are amongst the worst on the planet. Why does nobody do this? Because in between there are people, who are themselves hostages to the situation. A general application of force on an entire area is not morally defensible, it will affect all, including children, elderly, all animals, plants, everything.
How can weapons that also endanger bio-diversity and ultimately everyone on the planet be defensible? Do we really need nuclear WMDs, because of the Kim Jong-uns in the world? What do weapons like that do to protect us from terrorism attacks, or to solve any one crisis? Is it possible they are to be a surrogate for a lack of power and strength otherwise? Again North Korea cones to mind.
I can understand the need for ordinary submarines, I can appreciate fighter jets (their solutions in general are often enough imprecise), or of armed ships, tanks, helicopters, guided missiles, missile defence systems, unmanned air-crafts, and troops.  Still  each one of these have their own problems, limitations and cause clear moral dilemmas, each one of them are killing machines, whose power is devastating and huge. Drones have known to hit the wrong targets, missiles gone astray, and so on,  but one cannot be blind in a world in which far too many countries and groups are armed to their teeth.
But a sub marine with nuclear war heads, costing more than anything this country affords, when there are huge pockets of poverty and social deprivation in Britain? In the UK the majority of politicians just stood up to defend this by voting for Trident. Large sections of the occupants of their island may not have to work in prison camps like in North Korea, they are certainly not getting executed, but by withholding investments, all tax payers’ money, from communities who need it desperately, keeping them poor and under-developed, and bickering about funds to invest in health and schools, care facilities and so on, whilst splashing it out at the same time on  nuclear sub marines, is not that far distanced  from the ways of North Korea, just softer, with its terror, less immediate with its consequences.  Any few millions spent now on social infrastructure here will look ridiculous and insufficient  in face of the billions spent on a few sub marines.
So if they want to be called an important progressive country on earth, the British,  let them instead invest £42 billion Pounds (the full sum required for Trident  with the safety lid of £10 billion) to turn around deprived areas, create the best health and community care, and introduce conflict education as part of every child’s education and part of their overseas mission.
But with the sanctioning of the Trident project yesterday  Britain has chosen rather to keep the wastelands at home for the time being, and they can continue to create such wastelands also at the push of a button  anywhere else their subs go. Wonderful? No shameful, for one of the richest countries on earth.