Daniel Zylbersztajn’s 2013

2013 through the selection of some of my articles:

This year I typed over 40 mostly on the ground researched pieces. Many were transforming and unique written for four media outlets, Taz, Jüdische Allgemeine, Open Democracy and Die Zeit. On three occasions I published only on my blog.

I hope I continue to write challenging and original pieces in the next year. I have some already forthcoming to do with urban culture, domestic violence, sustainability and on Jewish issues. Perhaps I will also write again more in English, as I have done in the past.

To my all my readers, but especially my loyal ones and interviewees, a great thank you. I could not do without you! Special thanks to all the newspapers and editors, you know who are!

Daniel Zylbersztajn

The incomplete struggle for self-determination.

“When people put up statues of Mandela, for many the only African politician they know, he resembles a symbol of the fight for freedom and self-determination. The statutes and words of praise, invitations and speeches later came easier than open support in the years where it was most needed. That important political players were supporting Apartheid over many decades is however historical fact.”

“The struggle for self-determination is certainly not over. But in the end it is not just a battle at home, but part of the obligation for democratic accountability and ethical industrial behaviour wherever we live, including how we make politicians and industry accountable in how we choose or vote.”