Jüdische Wähler und Kandidaten in Großbritannien: Auf dem Weg nach Westminster – Jewish voters and Jewish candidates in the UK: Traveling to Westminster:

Was jüdischen Wählern wichtig ist, und was Abgeordnete sagen und jene die es sein wollen.

Link: http://www.juedische-allgemeine.de/article/view/id/22140

Exclusive for the German Jewish national Juedische Allgemeine an article that assesses what iss important to Jewish votersm MPs and wonna be MPs in Great Britain.

Link: www.juedische-allgemeine.de/article/view/id/22140

Demokratische Umstrukturierung in Grossbritannien: “Die Menschen fordern Unterschiede”. – Devolution in Great Britain: “People want differences!”

Mein Interview in der taz mit de Staatsrechtler Dr. Mark Elliott (Cambridge) zur sogenannten Devolotionsdebatte Großbritanniens.

My interview in the German taz with administrative and governmental law legal expert Dr. Mark Elliott (Cambridge) about the forthcoming devolution process in the aftermath of the Scottish referendum.



Westminister – Westbank (Jüdische Allgemeine)

Bericht in der Jüdischen Allgemeinen zu Westminster’s Entscheidung zu Palästina, als legitimen Staat neben Israel.


Report about the decision of the UK parliament to acknowledge Palestinian state beside Israel in the German Jewish Weekly


Daniel Zylbersztajn’s 2013

2013 through the selection of some of my articles:

This year I typed over 40 mostly on the ground researched pieces.  Many were transforming and unique written for four media outlets, Taz, Jüdische Allgemeine, Open Democracy and Die Zeit.  On three occasions I published only on my blog.

I hope I continue to write challenging and original pieces in the next year.  I have some already forthcoming to do with urban culture, domestic violence, sustainability and on Jewish issues.  Perhaps I will also write again more in English, as I have done in the past.

To my all my readers, but especially my loyal ones and interviewees, a great thank you.  I could not do without you!  Special thanks to all the newspapers and editors, you know who are!

Daniel Zylbersztajn

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Hack the Parliament! Wie Hacker Demokratie in Grossbritannien verbessern : Hackers improve Democracy in the UK – legally and with government blessing!

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Ein interessanter Bericht wie großzügig Hacker in Großbritannien mit Regierungsdaten umgehen koennen:  www.taz.de/!128007/

A very interesting report how hackers, programmers and IT enthusiasts can legally challange data in the UK to improve democracy.  You can translate the German original using a translation programm like google translate.  It’s worth it!



All photos of the Parliament Hack 2013 can be reused freely as long the author is quoted clearly as (c) Daniel Zylbersztajn and ideally linked to dzx2.net  Thank You


Taz: Tierschützer an vorderster Front : Badgers, badgers, badgers…


Gegen Gräueltaten in England!

Wer dachte das Europa oder der Mord von Woolwich englische Gemüter erregt, kennt dieses Volk nicht. Am Samstag gab es in Westminster ein gutes Beispiel davon.

 Engländer lieben den Underdog!

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(c) dzx2.net(c) dzx2.net

(c) Daniel Zylbersztajn
(c) Daniel (c) Daniel ZylbersztajnZylbersztajn

(c) Daniel Zylbersztajn

Es ist ein Gerücht, dass die  Engländer sich gewöhnlicherweise für die politischen Underdogs einsetzen. Am Samstag waren es aber keine Hunde, sonder Dachse und weder die rechtsextreme BNP noch die Antifaschisten konnten so viele Leute auf der Straße bringen wie die Anhänger der  schwarz-weißen Vierbeiner, und das eineinhalb Wochen nach der brutalen Ermordung von Lee Rigby und mitten in der wirtschaftlichen Rezession.


Special English Commentary (this is not a translation of the German article but a specially

written separate commentary for my English blog readers):

When two opposite political groups are about to meet such as the BNP (British National Party and the UAF (Unite Against Fascism) you may think it is a major event.  In fact it was, though  the main reason for that were neither.  It were the over 1000 demonstrators who called for an end of the budger cull.  In the mean time the Metropolitan Police managed to keep all groups relatively well apart (but some badger supprters joined the UAF group later on).  Still 58 arrests were made, all supporters of UAF.

The real story here is that most people are politically apathetic in the UK.   This was very clearly seen during the last regional elections, with (c) Daniel Zylbersztajnturn outs between 20 and 40 percent.    The more significant it is, that a topic as insignificant to human lives in times of austerity as badger culling got people onto the streets en mass.  For sure standing up for badgers brings humane morals towards animals to light, and it is an exercise of showing that the British government is pushing through supposedly unscientific advice, if you believe the supporters of this cause.  But one and a half weeks after Woolwich, and after years of hardship and cuts  I was left with a curious sense of disbelieve.  Neither did the BNP get more people to support their anti-immigration and anti-Europe ticket, presumably those who hold such believes switched sided with a party that doesn’t have a long history of far right affiliations, UKIP , nor did the anti-fascist UAF supporters match the numbers of supporters of those four legged black and white creatures.  It is in a way most peculiarly British phenomenon.  Perhaps time for some of the right media like especially the Daily Mail and the Sun to switch their discussions about immigrants and the EU to the topic of animal rights.  This is what the nation is really worried about, or so it seemed on Saturday.

You can read my original report using google translate (if you do not speak German) here:


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