Emilio Allodi’s Accordion Shop in Mountgrove Rd. Highbury, London

I recently checked old files I had of recordings of the period around 1997 -1998.  The feature about the Accordion Shop in Mountgrove Road in Highbury,  North London  is bound to make some locals there nostalgic of  a heritage lost. Now Mountgrove Road prides coffee shops and a cycle shop.

A nice community exploring feature that put Emilio in the centre of the story:

Emilio Allodi still sells accordions in his Lewisham shop:  www.accordions.co.uk

The piece was originally aired in 1998 on London Sound Radio (Cultural Partnership) which was an RSL with attached radio training, run amongst others by Keren Merkel and the late Brian Mitchham.

The publication date on this site was back dated to stand in line with the original recording.