Sleaford: What is Anti-Establishment and Working Class? Labour Binman or Ukip

In Sleaford, Lincolnshire, Jim Clarke, a bin man driver wants to enter Westminster at the by election to be held on the 8th of December. He does not only have to win against the tories but also Ukip. The populist out of Europe party wants under their new leader to claim Clarke’s genuine working class and local credentials. But their candidate Victoria Ayling may raise not but a few eyebrows with some.

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In Sleaford in England versucht sich bei Nachwahlenein Kandidat der fahrer bei der Müllabfuhr ist für Labour. Ihm entgegen stehen nicht nur die Tories, sondern auch  eine Ukip Kandidatin die die zweite Abgeordnete für Ukip werden möchte. Ukip versucht sich als Working Class, doch Ayling und ihr neuer Parteiführer stehen nicht nur dafür.


An anecdote.

As I sat down to await Paul Nuttal, I chatted with some of the supporters. An older man and lady, aged between 70 and 80 spoke with me about  how there were many immigrants, and how they claimed benefit etc. Factually the East European immigrants in Sleaford are no more than around 5%. The lady told me that Eastern Europeans drank on the street, urinated and threw up on the streets.

On that day I did not meet any Eastern European drinking on the street. However as I took the train back to London from Grantham, a lot of English football fans came off the train shouting some slogans. They left the carriages in utter chaos, with cans and crisps all over. In two carriages there was sick on the floor…  I don’t think the fans were East European at all.