Frieden sollte nichts mit Religion zu tun haben (Schlaglichter 3-4/90)

English: Flag of Israel with the Mediterranean...

English: Flag of Israel with the Mediterranean sea in the background, in Rishon LeZion. עברית: דגל ישראל בראשון לציון (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was my first published interview in Schlaglichter 3-4990, a Socialist political magazine.  I was still vary of the consequences of publishing and used the pseudonym Zvi vom Sylvenstein, close enough I thought to my real name Daniel Zwi Zylbersztajn.  This interview was made in Israel with Esther Korn who was the foreign policy spokes person of the Israeli civil rights party RATZ, that was later integrated with Meretz.  The interview is in German

Frieden sollte nichts mit Religion zu tun haben

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