Nachruf – Obituary Sam Pivnik

Heute steht in der Jüdischen Allgemeinen mein Treffen mit Sam Pivnik, ZT’L  eines der letzten, die er machte. Und auch er war einer der Letzten, die noch lebten, einer jener … Continue reading Nachruf – Obituary Sam Pivnik

Grenfell – Memorial to Human Dignity

North Kensington is not your average residential area. It seems much more as the essence of the potential that London can give. .. A community in which people of all backgrounds grew together, and who have any reason to be celebrated by others in one of the biggest parties of the world, actually.  Never lesser so than now.

The everyday knife terror of London | Messerattacken sind in London alltäglich!

Deutsch: Als in London im August 2016 ein Mensch mit mentalen Problemen eine Messerattacke ausführte, versammelten sich die Weltmedien, und wollten die Ankunft des IS in London verkünden. Es war dann leider nicht so.. ENGLISH I consider my article in the German taz as one of the most important from London in this year. I had meant to write on this since the international media congregated around an attack at Russell Square last summer (2016) to proclaim IS had arrived in London. The perpetrator had mental health issues. They failed to report however on the everyday killings and knife attacks that affect Londoners, especially those under 25 years of age.

Manchester United?

Ich zeige hier ein paar ausgesuchte Fotos aus Manchester vom Wochenende nach dem Terror, die meinen ausf[hrlichen Bericht in der taz komplementieren.!5409852/   Here are some photos to complement … Continue reading Manchester United?

In the London wilderness

How an episode of the worst in London’s transport gave me a traditional Jewish Passover experience. On Monday my daughter and I were invited for to the first Passover Night … Continue reading In the London wilderness

Photos from Monday’s protests in London #1daywithoutus #stoptrump

These photos compliment my article in taz of Wedesday 22-02-2017 Diese Fotos untermalen meinen Bericht in der taz vom 22 Feb  -2017 Link to full report (German)  / Link zum Bericht!5382662/ … Continue reading Photos from Monday’s protests in London #1daywithoutus #stoptrump

Wie die Politik mit der Nuklearindustrie in England flirtet – How English politics flirts with the nuclear sector

Ein  Bericht über eine Nachwahl in Großbritannien und die kritiklose Politik gegenüber der nuklearen Industrie. A report about a by-election in Great Britain and politicians who lack even an increment of … Continue reading Wie die Politik mit der Nuklearindustrie in England flirtet – How English politics flirts with the nuclear sector

Reporting from London. Das Jahr 2016 aus eigener Feder.

Dises Jahr war für mich als in London lebender Korrespondent besonders voll. Hier in Großritannien  gab es nicht nur das Brexitreferendum und einen Regierungswechsel nachdem Cameron zurückgetreten war, sonden auch … Continue reading Reporting from London. Das Jahr 2016 aus eigener Feder.

They came for the Jews and I said nothing… with a gaze to the Middle East

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” This poem by Martin Niemöller, he wrote thinking about what happened in the 19th and 20th century in Europe. However, reflecting on Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lybia, it would not be a false comment there either. Baghdad, Aleppo, Damascus, Sana and Benghazi all once had big Jewish populations,…

Berichte Sommer 2016

Dieser Sommer war einer der vollsten, journalistisch gesehen,  seit Jahren, verantwortlich dafür war das Brexit Referendum. Bei alledem ist es vielleicht überraschend, dass manches von aus meiner Feder nicht einmal … Continue reading Berichte Sommer 2016

Trident approving Great Britain, the soft North-Korea

The missiles this sub carries are an environmental hazard to biodiversity and life on earth, never mind humans, and they do not solve conflicts. Train 100.000 conflict and peace workers, peace negotiators, set up conflict management as a core subject in every school from primary school age, and a development fund that teaches conflict management on large scales in all regions of the earth and you still have not spent £32 bn, employ lots of people at home, and you do more to help conflict and war in the world than a few sub marines.

But such peace and conflict workers have one problem of course, they do not shine like the black steel of a submarine in the sun with a union jack over it, and they can’t kill millions or create wastelands in huge parts of the planet. Wastelands that are created, when they decide to shoot the submarines’ missiles, but also simply by the process of building them and withholding the funds from the existing waste lands of social deprivation in Britain.