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Clacton, potentieller parlamentarischer Einmarsch der anti-EU Partei Ukip – Will defector Carswell get Ukip their first parliamentary seat in Westminster?

Below is my article about the Tory defector to Ukip Douglas Carswell (published Monday 6/10/14), whom I met personally in Clacton-upon-Sea. My article talks about the city and region and its people, but then focuses on Carswell and his political outlook. Some may prefer many other political solutions to Clacton than Ukip. Strictly speaking, on political thought and his background, I have to say that I’d rather have Carswell than Farage heading a possible Ukip parliamentary group. Carswell is of a much more exposed and more diverse life than Farage, having gone to a school with people of many backgrounds in Uganda, and having been the child of two medical doctors. Carswell insists, he does not support racism against people and you won’t hear the same type of populist comments from him as from Farage or other party members. He insists nobody should blame immigrants and make them into scape-goats, the problem, the way he sees it, is “the system that allows, in his view, little controlled migration to happen.” He advocates a point-system without discrimination to background, but one that applies more directly to the needs of the UK employment market. It is noteworthy that some of his constituents who vote Ukip are not so diplomatic on the topic of immigrants.

Carswell also wishes to see a more fair and open relationship with economic trading partners across the world, and especially, for Britain, with the English speaking world (Commonwealth and USA).  He also advocates constitutional reforms that allow a more direct relationship with democracy, to reshift the balance between power and people towards people.

On the other hand one has to wonder what solutions Carswell has for the economically deprived areas in his constituency?  Youth unemployment was very noticeable throughout town and it is known that in some areas 1/3 of the young people are without a job, making these areas Britain most deprived sea town. That is the main challenge to anyone winning the elections.

Interesting on the side-line, is the behaviour of the Conservative Party (in Clacton). I have requested on several occasions and in all formats to meet and report on the Clacton candidate Giles Watling (including reminding him in person during a brief encounter, whilst handing him a card of mine), but in spite these requests, no attempt was made to collaborate with a German correspondent.

In their official reaction, the Tories said, they could not respond due to the party political congress, but I had made contact before the congress and a press spokesperson in London had told me that he would remind the Clacton chapter to contact me. One can only second guess what else the reasons could have been, one obvious possibility could be an attempt to severely restrict and control news about Giles Watling, because the stakes are so high and people that things are not that well in the party due to the jump of Carswell.

A final observation from Clacton is the fact, that apart from those animated to vote, there were quite a few of those unwilling to vote for anyone, or as in one case, to vote for the Official Raving Looney Party. No trust in politics remains an issue, something Carswell says he is very keen to address.

Many more details in the full report see link below (German).

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Bezgl. meinem taz Bericht erschienen am Mo. 6.10.14

Mit Douglas Carswell erscheint ein Politiker an der Ukip Front, der viel näher an der Politik der AFD ist, als Ukip Parteiführer Farrage. Zwar sind er und Ukip mehr skeptisch gegenüber der EU als Afd, aber er versteht die historisch bedingte deutsche Stellung, wie er mir versicherte. Carswell ist im globalen Weltdenken, seinem Parteiführer Farrage um Weites überlegen, denn Carswell wuchs als Sohn zweier Ärzte in Uganda auf. Seine Schulerziehung bewies ihm, erklärt er, dass trotz Hintergrund (in seiner ehemaligen Schule Afrikanisch, Indisch, Europäisch) Menschen zusammenarbeiten können. Er verwies auch auf einen rumänischen Arzt in Clacton, ohne welchen es nicht ginge und der spitzen Dienste leiste. Da hatte man schon andere Töne von Farrage gehört, der einst angab, “er wollte nicht Mannschaften rumänischer Flüchtlinge in seiner Nachbarschaft beherbergen”, oder fremde Sprachen im Zug in England hören (dabei wurde er zurecht vom Radio Moderator der bei dieser Aussage anwesend war, auf seine deutsche Frau verwiesen). Mit Carswell könnte sich die Ukip Partei in eine solidere und weniger populistische Partei bewegen, sondern eher in eine liberal-konservative.

Auf der anderen Seite stehen Lösungen für die vielen Arbeitslosen jungen Leute Clactons aus. Enttäuschend  ist übrigens, dass es, trotz wiederholten und mehrfachen  Anfragen, die konservative Partei nicht als notwendig hielt, sich einem deutschen Korrespondenten gegenüber bezüglich Clacton zu äußern.  Es mag viel auf dem Spiel stehen, offiziell hieß es, sei dies wegen dem Parteikongresses der Konservativen gewesen, allerdings sagte mir ein zentraler Pressesprecher der Konservativen in London, dass er Clacton Tories nochmal dazu ermahne würde, sich zu melden.  Sie taten das nicht.

Weitere Details finden sich im Bericht selber.

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