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When I went to Woolwich yesterday to examine the scene after the murder, it wasn’t long until I witnessed a backlash action by the far right organisation EDL.  Local young people of minority backgriund suspected it and spoke of fear of being penalized for the actions of some crazed loonies.  There were some exchanges between the police and the EDL supporters, absurdly some of the EDL people had full pints of beer, a woman came with something that looked like a Martini, as if they had emerged from a pub.

I managed to quietly speak with three EDL supportes who explained to me quietly that they had enough, and felt urge to protest.  Not all however were quiet there was quite some shouting and posturing as well in general.  Some of the fans were rather young (15-18, and they seemed to have come from across the entire area).

www.taz.de/Nach-dem-Mord-in-London/!116732/Select link above and use googletranslate to get an English tranlation of the German original on the Online version of the article in Taz.