Crossrail & Ukip, Zwei Berichte in der Taz | Two correspondent reports in the taz

Zwei Berichte von mir in der taz, einer über Probleme beim derzeit größten Multimilliarden Bauprojekt Europas. der Ost-West Bahn Strecke Crossrail in London und ein anderer über die UK Independence Partei, welche trotz gegenwärtiger Bemerkungen aus eigenen Kreisen standhaft behauptet, nicht xenophob, rassistisch oder homophob zu sein.


Two reports by me in the German Taz.  One about problems the work-force of the multi-billion construction site Crossrail experiences.  Crossrail is a new train connection that aims to connect East and West London.  The other report about Ukips claims it would not be a xenophob, homophobe or racist party, and its predictions to come out as the strongest UK party in EU elections.

Crossrail by the way failed to answer further questions by me, whilst the office of the London Mayor simply did not answer at all.  Hardly democracy at not at work of democratic and publicly funded posts and institutions.  It is not the first time the London mayoral office behaved like that, they are either incompetent answering questions or they do it deliberately.