Somalis in London Report for Taz, Die Tageszeitung

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My report about Somalis in the UK started when Taz and I thought it would be time to report on this much under-reported African minority in the U.K.  Little did we know that soon Somalis in London would become headline news, courtesy of the idotic acts of the British far right.  Not just was a Somali community centre torched, following the murder of the soldier Lee Rigby, but within the time frame of my research one young Somali young man was stabbed in a street violence incidence in Camden, London and thereafter the events in Nairobi came to label Somalis everywhere.  Not enough Barclays announced it would stop the financial services that facilitated money transfe

rs to Somalia.

My article about the community can be read online here (use googletranslate to get an English translation)



Was nicht in der Zeitung stand:

“….Eine andere Frau (bei Dadihiye), Fawsiya Barre – sie schneidet gerade Stoff mit einer großen roten Schere – behauptet, es sei ihr egal, ob die Mädchen ein Kopftuch tragen oder nicht, aber was sie überhaupt nicht tolerieren könne, seien „die herunterhängende Hosen der Jungen, „wo man dann die ganze Unterhose sieht“.   Zustimmendes Gelächter bricht im Raum aus.”

English: Sign on Somali Road in the London Bor...
English: Sign on Somali Road in the London Borough of Camden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Daniel,

    Interesting article about Somalis. There was quite a large community in Rochdale when I worked there.



    1. Thanks Tim for letting me know. Rochdale is so unsuspectingly diverse. Hope you are well. Did Rochdale get any German vistors since i did the story earlier this year?


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